We. HEAR pro - your device to feel every moment and every soundtrack with an intensity that only Loewe and Kylian Mbappé can deliver. Imagine immersing yourself in your playlists and feeling every beat and every note as if you were at a live concert. With 100 watts of pure audio power and a battery life of over 24 hours, you'll always have the perfect companion for your personal music moments.
Loewe embarks on an exciting journey with world-class footballer Kylian Mbappé. For the first time in our 100-year history, we are stepping up our game with an ambassador who epitomises excellence, just like our brand. As Loewe's brand ambassador, Kylian Mbappé symbolises the fusion of sporting excellence and cutting-edge technology. Together we are launching the new innovative product line We. HEAR pro - a perfect music companion for your everyday life, whether you are doing sports, listening to podcasts or enjoying music. Be inspired and snyc with Loewe and Kylian.


Developed for outdoor enthusiasts, the We. HEAR pro combines stylish design with practical functionality. Its IPX6 certification guarantees water and dust resistance, making it the ideal companion for all your adventures. The lightweight yet robust construction, complemented by an adjustable shoulder strap, offers ease and comfort during transport and use and ensures that the We. HEAR pro can be your companion in any situation. Let the good sound be your accompany.


Outlast and outplay with the We. HEAR pro’s unbeatable battery, just like Kylian Mbappé on the pitch. The We. HEAR pro boasts a powerful Lithium-Ion battery, providing up to 24 hours of playback. With fast-charging-technology this speaker can be recharged in just 2 hours with compatible USB-C PD adapters. Designed for eco-conscious efficiency, the speaker encourages the use of any USB-C power source for charging, doubling as a durable power bank for your devices on the go.