basalte lena touch panel

Elevate your home with Basalte By Bespoke

By Bespoke offers a full range of Home Automation products, giving you the ability to control any and all aspects of your home. 

From a Single Television and Speaker system controlled with one remote, to a Complete Home Theatre and Multi-Room Audio, Lighting and Blinds control, Air conditioner automation, Alarm automation and so many more By Bespoke have you covered.

basalte home miro remote

Basalte Miro. The only remote you'll ever need.

Miro is our design remote for Basalte Home. Easily turn on the tv, fill the room with music or dim the lights, simply set the scene. With Miro, your Basalte Home is at your fingertips!

 Each Basalte Automation project is done as per requirements and is Bespoke to each client.

For More information on compatibility and pricing, Contact us Below.

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