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Radio has been part of everyday life for over a century, and in a world filled with digital sound, Sonoro has a suite of radios to suit every room in the modern home. 

Designed in Germany, Sonoro radios deliver full, rich, and clear sound from DAB+, FM broadcasts and Bluetooth. Several models also feature internet radio, CD playback, and Spotify Connect so where you get your music can be as diverse as the type of music you listen to. There is also a great range of colours and finishes available so you will be able to find a Sonoro radio that fits your décor.

With a perfect blend of award-winning German minimalistic design and incredible sound quality, Sonoro brings digital radio to life. From compact and portable models like the Go London to the amazing 2.1 sound of the Prestige, Sonoro has a radio to suit your space.

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4 products


4 products