Audio Solutions

At By Bespoke, we offer a complete range of Adelaide-based speaker and home sound system audio solutions.

Whether you're in need of something to take out and about or just want a sound system for your home, By Bespoke has the perfect audio gear for you.

Discover our range of compact portable Bluetooth speakers, modular home audio systems that incorporate seamlessly with our Loewe televisions, beautifully designed radios and CD players, and so much more.

From leading brands such as Loewe and Sonoro, you'll have access to Streaming, DAB+ Radio and CD solutions — all right at your fingertips.

Our Bespoke Audio Solutions Range

Celebrate sound with LOEWE RADIO.FREQUENCY's timeless design, featuring acoustic fabric and a natural oak inlay for a unique look. Enjoy 28 watts of crystal-clear sound, DAB+, Bluetooth 5.0, USB-C charging, and up to 14 hours playtime. Portable and lightweight, it's perfect for music anywhere, anytime.

LOEWE klang s1


The Loewe Klang S1 offers a sophisticated audio experience with FM/DAB/DAB+ and Internet radio, which provides access to over 25,000 stations. With an elegant aluminium case, intuitive controls, and a large display, it integrates seamlessly into any modern living space.

LOEWE klang s3


Combining a slim CD drive with Internet and DAB+ radio, the Loewe Klang S3 enriches your home with 120 watts of pure sound. Access over 25,000 stations and enjoy music from CDs in high fidelity, all housed in a sleek aluminium case for the ultimate listening experience.

Why Choose By Bespoke Audio Solutions?


Every home and individual has unique audio needs. Whether it’s room-filling sound for your grand entertainment space or a compact portable speaker for your personal retreat, we craft audio solutions that harmonise with your lifestyle. Our expertise allows us to recommend and install the perfect system, ensuring music and sound that will complement your daily routines seamlessly.


We take pride in our curated selection of world-renowned brands, such as Loewe and Sonoro. Our store in Adelaide showcases audio systems that not only deliver unparalleled sound quality but also boast exquisite design. From sleek sound bars that blend with your TV to speakers that become a statement piece on your wall, our range embodies excellence in audio technology.


Embrace the future with our smart home audio solutions. Our systems offer more than just music; they are designed to also integrate smoothly with other features of your home automation. Control your sound system, lighting, and even climate with ease, all from a single interface. Our experts ensure your audio solutions work in harmony with your smart home to provide a seamless, futuristic living experience.


At By Bespoke, we don’t just sell audio systems; we offer ongoing support and advice to ensure your investment continues to meet your expectations. Our friendly and knowledgeable team is always here to help, whether you need assistance with a previous setup or are looking to upgrade your current system. We are committed to ensuring your audio experience is nothing short of spectacular.


Visit our store in Adelaide to witness the transformative power of our audio solutions firsthand. Our showroom is designed to let you explore and listen to a variety of systems, from surround sound setups to sophisticated sound bars and speakers. Experience the clarity, depth, and power of our offerings in a setting that reflects the potential of our products in your own home.


By Bespoke stands for more than just luxury; we are detail-oriented, and will ensure every aspect of your audio solution is meticulously considered. From the placement of speakers for optimal sound distribution to hiding cables for a clean look, our team excels in delivering an audio experience that exceeds expectations without compromising on aesthetics.


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