The new Loewe os is a worldwide available, most-convenient and fast smart operating system. The app store offers an extra-large localised selection of smart apps and a rich variety of video-on-demand services in every country market, including Netflix, Disney+, Samsung TV Plus, HD+, Magenta TV and more. Additionally, the system is also compatible with advanced networking functions: Miracast and Samsung SmartThings are fully supported.


The new Loewe stellar is a true craft design TV from Loewe's inhouse design and innovation studio. It is created with selected genuine materials such as a display frame made of brushed aluminium in a diamond cut shape, a fine speaker grill made of spray-painted metal and a display rear cabinet made of real concrete with a structure as individual as a fingerprint. All connections are well hidden, and all cables are well guided by an integrated cable management and cable covers in the light grey rear cabinet.


All Loewe stellars TV sets are equipped with the integrated Loewe magic.light: The hidden LED light bar surprises with discreetly illuminated welcome and farewell animations, or an atmospheric lighting in warm white during movie watching. It can be adjusted in any other colour of the rainbow, at different brightness and saturation levels as well as in various individual steps for animation duration - or of course also be deactivated if desired. The Loewe magic.motion feature rotates the TV on the motorised optional Loewe floor stand motor stellar by the touch of a button on the Loewe remote.

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